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These photos are owned and were provided by Richard "Gabby" Gibson. They were taken at the Annual Redcatcher Reunion which was held in Washington, D.C. in May of 1999.

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GGR001.jpg 3rd Platoon SGT. James C. Baxter.

GGR002.jpg B.J. Khalifah and Gabby Gibson.

GGR003.jpg Pierre Blanchard, Steve McDonald, Gabby Gibson, and James Washam.

GGR004.jpg Pierre Blanchard, Earl Stromberg, and B.J. Khalifah.

GGR005.jpg A shot of the crowd during the ceremony which was held at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall.

GGR006.jpg 1st Platoon SP4 Richard "Gabby" Gibson.

GGR007.jpg Far-off shot of the crowd of people visiting the Wall.

GGR008.jpg Gary Pierce, Kathy (Jim Suydam's sister), and Steve Drewes enjoying dinner and conversation.

GGR009.jpg Fred Rishel, Steve Drewes, Gabby Gibson, and Steve McDonald.

GGR010.jpg Gabby Gibson and Pierre Blanchard.

GGR011.jpg Gabby Gibson and Gary Pierce.

GGR012.jpg Gabby Gibson, Pierre Blanchard, and Steve McDonald.

GGR013.jpg Gary Pierce, Pierre Blanchard, and Gabby Gibson.

GGR014.jpg David Hintz and Gabby Gibson standing in front of some of the many Redcatcher memorial cards which were placed at the Wall.

GGR015.jpg Larry "Dusty" Fowler, Steve McDonald, and Richard "Sue" Lindholm.

GGR016.jpg A few of the many POW rememberances that were placed at the Wall.

GGR017.jpg Side-shot of (back row) Art Noel, Gabby Gibson, Pierre Blanchard, (front row) Fred Rishel, and Steve McDonald.

GGR018.jpg The Ceremony at the Wall, which included the reading of the 753 names of the 199th men who died during Vietnam.

GGR019.jpg A few of the many Redcatcher rememberances that were placed at the Wall.

GGR020.jpg "Redcatchers" -- B.J. Khalifah, Steve McDonald, Larry "Dusty" Fowler, Richard "Sue" Lindholm, and Steve Drewes.

GGR021.jpg David Hintz and Gabby Gibson having a moment of reflection while visiting the Wall.

GGR022.jpg Gabby Gibson, David Cook, James Washam, and Pierre Blanchard -- getting to know one another again after 30 years.

GGR023.jpg A few of the guys checking out a map of Vietnam.

GGR024.jpg Close up of XO, LT. Steven H. Drewes.